Every year on April 22, Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. In recognition of this annual event, eDriving is sharing the following driving tips to help improve safety AND sustainability.

  1. Ask yourself, is the trip necessary, and are you using the correct form of transport? If you’re making a short trip, you could consider traveling by bicycle, public transport or walking.
  2. Smooth acceleration, braking and cornering helps curb your vehicle’s emissions, and helps to extend the range if you’re driving an electric vehicle. Not only that but smooth driving helps to reduce wear and tear on your vehicle, and helps to extend tire life.
  3. Leave a safe following distance – at least 3 seconds in good conditions. This not only helps you avoid rear-end collisions, but also enables you to slow more smoothly.
  4. Look well ahead so you can prepare for upcoming hazards AND adjust your speed gradually.
  5. Plan your trip in advance to select the most direct route, reducing mileage and emissions. Planning ahead also means you’re less likely to get lost and are therefore less likely to use fuel for “wasted” miles.

Look out for a new Safety and Sustainability eBook coming soon from eDriving!