Almost half of rear-end collisions involving large trucks could be avoided if extra safety features were fitted, according to a new report.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) study found forward collision warning on trucks reduced rear-end crashes by 44 percent while automatic emergency braking (AEB) cut rear crashes by 41 percent.

Data was examined on crashes per vehicle mile traveled from 62 carriers operating tractor-trailers and other trucks weighing at least 33,000 pounds.

The study also found that trucks equipped with forward collision warning had 22 percent fewer crashes overall and trucks with AEB had 12 percent fewer crashes than those without either technology.

“This study provides evidence that forward collision warning and AEB greatly reduce crash risk for tractor-trailers and other large trucks,” said IIHS Director of Statistical Services Eric Teoh.

“That’s important information for trucking companies and drivers who are weighing the costs and benefits of these options on their next vehicles.”

In 2018 there were 119 deaths from large trucks rear-ending passenger vehicles.