The Colorado Department of Transportation is warning big rig drivers to use extreme caution when traveling over mountain passes, such as U.S. Highway 160 Wolf Creek located in the southwest region of the state.

“The number of crashes over the years underscores the need to slow down over this mountain pass,” said Colorado State Patrol Capt. Adrian Driscoll. “From 2015 to 2019, there have been 47 semi-truck crashes on the west side of Wolf Creek Pass. Three of those crashes resulted in needless fatalities.”

CDOT and the Colorado State Patrol are teaming up to conduct safety checks of commercial motor vehicles (CMV) at the summit of Wolf Creek Pass. Safety checks will involve interviewing the driver of the CMV, informing them of the locations of tight turns on the pass, and educating them about the importance of downshifting and maintaining a low speed for the next seven miles.

“Stopping CMVs and talking with drivers has proven successful,” added Driscoll. “Past safety checks have coincided with construction projects on the pass. Letting drivers know what they are in for, coming down the pass can prevent a potential crash, so we’re going to pick those efforts up again.”

George Hudran, CDOT maintenance foreman for Wolf Creek Pass added: “The drivers of commercial vehicles and heavy trucks should always take time to familiarize themselves with their routes. Knowledge and understanding of our state roadways is extremely important when traversing over mountain passes, especially one like Wolf Creek Pass.”