Workplaces, secondary schools, community groups and social housing providers across Scotland are being invited to apply for a share of a £1.7 million funding pot aimed at getting more people to cycle.

The Scottish Government’s Cycling Friendly fund launched to make it easier and more accessible to cycle in the places where people live, work, study and spend time.

Organisations can apply for a range of initiatives, such as installing cycle parking, upgrading shower facilities for the future or buying bikes and maintenance equipment.

Campuses can also register their interest to receive funding that will make it easier for students in colleges and universities to cycle.

“We’ve already provided £30 million this year to help support temporary infrastructure for walking and cycling to better enable physical distancing and to keep people safe from traffic,” said Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity, Michael Matheson.

“The Cycling Friendly fund will make things easier for cyclists at either end of their journey through improved amenities.”

Further information can be found on the Cycling Friendly Scotland initiative can be found on the Cycling Scotland website via