A new motorcycle safety campaign has been launched in Victoria following ten motorcycle deaths on the roads this year – five higher than the five-year average.

The Transport Accident Commission campaign highlights the shocking injuries that motorcycle riders could avoid by wearing their safety gear on every ride. It urges Victorian riders to wear protective clothing each time they get on their bike, no matter the distance or speeds travelled, the weather or the destination.

TAC research shows contusions, abrasions and lacerations are the second-most common type of injury sustained from on-road motorcycle crashes in Victoria, behind fractured limbs. Over the last five years, on average there have been around 2,500 motorcyclist claims per year, equating to around $115 million annually in compensation and medical bills.

In total 33 people have lost their lives on the State’s roads in 2022 – 13 higher than the same time last year.

“It has been a tragic start to 2022 on Victorian roads and we won’t sit by and accept it – we can all play our part by slowing down, wearing a seatbelt, putting the phone away, driving well rested and not drunk or on drugs,” said Joe Calafiore, Transport Accident Commission CEO.