Eight out of ten new car drivers would never consider buying a car without a radio, according to a survey of drivers across the UK, France and Germany.

The survey found:

  • 82 per cent of drivers would not consider buying a car without a radio
  • 75 per cent of all in-car listening is to the radio, even in modern cars
  • 84 per cent always or mostly listen to the radio on every journey
  • 90 per cent believe the radio should always be free and easy to listen to

The research, launched at a European Broadcasting Union Conference in Geneva, found drivers consider the radio ‘as vital as tyres and a steering wheel’.

When drivers were asked to select the one entertainment source they would keep in their cars above all others, it was overwhelmingly radio:

  • 69 per cent radio
  • 11 per cent CD player
  • 11 per cent MP3 player
  • 7 per cent Bluetooth phone
  • 1 per cent music streaming

The survey was commissioned by UK Radioplayer, a not-for-profit partnership between the BBC and commercial radio.