A new survey conducted in British Columbia has revealed 42 percent of drivers admit to still using their phone behind the wheel​ during at least one out of every 10 trips.

Yet, of drivers surveyed in the Ipsos poll, 93 percent said they consider it highly risky to text while driving and 84 percent believe it is highly risky to talk while holding a cell phone and driving.

The survey comes as ICBC and police launch a month-long campaign urging drivers to leave their phones alone while driving.

Police are ramping up enforcement of distracted driving across B.C., and community volunteers are conducting Cell Watch deployments to remind drivers to keep their eyes on the road when they’re behind the wheel.

Distracted driving accounts for more than one in four fatal crashes each year and is the second leading contributing factor in traffic fatalities in B.C. with an average of 76 deaths annually.

More than one-quarter of all traffic deaths in B.C. involve distracted driving, but together we have the ability to change that,” said Chief Constable Neil Dubord, Chair of the BC Association of Chiefs of Police Traffic Safety Committee.

“Police are reminding drivers to avoid distractions, keep their eyes on the road, and encourage others to do the same. The split-second choices we all make while driving can change lives forever, so please leave your phones alone when driving.”