A taskforce has been put together to find ways to optimise the management of kerbside space across the UK and make roads safer.

The Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) is behind the initiative which aims to articulate the problems faced by road users, by network managers and by the councils who could use pavements to generate new revenue.

The organisation said new government policies on active travel and electrification of transport were unintentionally putting different user groups in direct competition for the same precious road space, with cyclists expecting clear lanes which may now be blocked by EVs hooked up to charge points or littered with e-scooters.

TRL said now was the perfect time to debate on the issues, and work towards refreshed guidelines and regulations to empower councils to invest in solutions to satisfy all the disparate demands.

“The kerbside was left behind when urban environments were evolving and maturing as living spaces for people” said Paul Campion, CEO of TRL.

“It was assumed it was a space reserved for parking and maybe for walking without getting too close to the vehicles. But now, with the focus on decarbonisation and making cities more liveable, it presents a unique opportunity for change.

“With this project, we want to bring more voices into the conversation around the issues to help policy makers find a way forward.”