• Faurecia’s Active Wellness seat detects drowsiness and stress
  • Unique sensors measure the heart and breathing rhythm of drivers
  • Can provide massage to sooth drivers or air flow to boost energy

French car seat manufacturer Faurecia has developed Active Wellness, the world’s first seat that detects a vehicle occupant’s drowsiness or stress and then takes countermeasures to relieve those conditions.

The Faurecia Active Wellness seat employs unique types of sensors to detect the heart, breathing rhythm of drivers and/or occupants and other data based on the most recent medical research. It then provides a very specific massage pattern, along with air flow through the seat’s ventilation system, either to re-energize a tired occupant or to relax a stressed individual, making life on board a more healthy experience.

Faurecia will work with automakers to configure Active Wellness for seating systems in particular models, beginning as early as 2018.

First revealed at the 2015 Shanghai Motor Show, Active Wellness will be fitted into premium vehicles initially, to meet the growing demand for custom comfort solutions.