Around 15 million leisure car journeys are expected to be made in the run-up to Good Friday, with a further 12 million across the bank holiday weekend itself, according to the RAC.

Traffic data from mobility analytics provider INRIX suggests that traffic jams will peak on Good Friday, with major routes clogging up between 11am and 4.30pm. Almost all (99%) of the motorways and major A-roads in England will be free of roadworks, with Highways England removing more than 450 miles of cones in time for the Easter bank holiday.

“This week we’re expecting a significant second wave of Easter getaway traffic, following that which we saw at the start of April when schools broke up,” said RAC Traffic Watch spokesperson Rod Dennis. “This will mean the coming week and the bank holiday will likely be characterised by lengthy queues in some spots.”

Dennis said that many breakdowns attended by RAC patrols can be avoided by drivers checking their cars before setting out.

“Wrongly inflated tyres, or those with a lack of tread, along with low oil and coolant levels and even a lack of fuel are all typical breakdowns at this time of year,” he said. “It’s therefore vital motorists spend a few moments checking these things before getting behind the wheel.”