The UK Government has published a new report, Future of Mobility: Urban Strategy, detailing its plans for the future of transport.

Described as the biggest regulatory review in a generation to explore regulation around new transport modes, the report outlines the Government’s plans to invest £90 million in towns and cities to test transport innovation. The review will also explore regulations around new types of vehicles including e-scooters and e-cargo bike trailers.

“Self-driving vehicles have the potential to allow people with mobility issues to enjoy far greater freedom to travel. And advances in data production and use are already improving the way that transport services are devised, planned and delivered,” stated Jesse Norman, Minister of State for the Department for Transport, in announcing the report.

“If they are properly managed, the transport technologies of the future will not just make journeys faster. They will also make them safer, easier, more comfortable and more affordable. They will make our towns and cities quieter and less polluted. And they will give us the option to see mobility as a service, integrated and accessible to all.”

View the report.