Lincolnshire Police and Keele University have received £150k funding from The Road Safety Trust to explore how dash cam technology can be used to reduce road offending and improve road safety.

About 6,000 pieces of digital footage are being sent into police forces in England and Wales every month. The project will establish how dash cam footage can be utilised to contribute to road safety and provide guidance on the consistent handling of it.

“The police cannot be everywhere all of the time, but the public can be and therefore I am confident this crucial work will identify the many benefits and further improve our approach in this area,” said Detective Chief Superintendent Andy Cox, Head of Crime at Lincolnshire Police.

“I am excited to work with and support Keele University in undertaking the project and hugely grateful to The Road Safety Trust for its funding which has made this possible. In time, I believe the results will help understanding in this vital area and, as such, be an important component in eradicating road danger and making our roads safe.”