Vehicle manufacturers are being urged to offer buyers LPG models

Amidst growing concerns about vehicle emissions and air quality problems, car manufacturers are being encouraged to offer UK motorists a more comprehensive vehicle choice with the re-introduction of autogas LPG powered models.

Cars running on autogas LPG are significantly cleaner than their diesel and petrol counterparts, emitting 80 percent less NO2 emissions and 98 percent fewer particulates than diesels. These harmful pollutants are a key contributor to the current air quality crisis in the UK which is responsible for more than 29,000 premature deaths each year.

In mainland Europe, more than 17 vehicle manufacturers offer autogas LPG powered models directly from their showroom today, of which some are even manufactured in the UK. However, despite the technology being fully developed and widely embraced across the rest of Europe, no vehicle manufacturers currently offer LPG variants within their UK range.

“For some time we’ve been calling upon vehicle manufacturers to offer UK motorists the same level of choice as those in mainland Europe with the re-introduction of LPG variants into their range,” said Linda Gomersall, general manager, Autogas Limited. “It’s clear from the latest revelations about the emissions that UK businesses and individuals want a credible, cleaner alternative immediately. LPG is a proven, cleaner solution with an established refuelling and servicing infrastructure already in place. We simply need vehicle manufacturers to make LPG ready cars available in the UK and together we can help make a significant improvement to the UK’s air quality.”