Do you consider yourself a careful driver? And even if you do, do you find scratches and scrapes appearing on your car?

ChipsAway, a UK provider of minor automotive paintwork repairs, has revealed the top five colour cars repaired the most.

5. Red
Red cars make up 9% of all ChipsAway repairs each year.

4. Grey
Grey is the third most popular car colour in the UK at the moment, with 14% of the total number of cars registered in the UK last year being this colour. Exactly the same amount, 14% of ChipsAway repairs, are on grey cars.

3. Blue
While blue cars have decreased in popularity over recent years – with 13% of new car registrations in 2014, they still get into their fair share of bumps, and account for 18% of total repairs.

2. Black
At number two, it’s the ‘always in fashion’ black car with 21% of total repairs. A few years ago, black cars were reportedly most likely to be involved in collisions as they are harder to see than other brighter coloured cars, particularly during evening hours.

1. Silver
Unfortunately silver coloured cars visit ChipsAway repair specialists more than any other colour, earning them the top spot, with 24% of repairs.

At the other end of the spectrum, and perhaps surprisingly so considering they saw the highest number of new car registrations last year at 22.2%, are white cars. Maybe white car drivers are a more cautious bunch accounting for just 7% of ChipsAway’s repairs, or could it be that white is simply a safer colour choice, helping contribute to the fact that they are also the best colour cars for holding their value?