Ed Dubens, CEO & Founder of eDriving recently had an article published in Fleet Management Weekly about why telematics alone is not enough to reduce fleet risk.

In the article Dubens talks about the fact that technology adoption has become more and more commonplace for fleets. And, how telematics data can provide useful insights into driver behavior, such as speed, trip distance and time, harsh acceleration, braking, cornering and distraction. It can also help managers understand which drivers need further coaching after a behind the wheel training experience.

However, having personally witnessed some of the world’s largest fleets successfully reduce the number of collisions, injuries and license violations, as well as their total cost of ownership (TCO), he knows that telematics data alone does not equate to safer drivers. The real game changer is how that data is utilized; what actions managers from all parts of the business (EHS&S, Risk, Insurance, HR, Operations/Commercial etc.) take to address the issues/opportunities raised by the data and how the data fits into a wider safety culture that really makes a lasting difference to driver risk management and safety.

View the full article at Fleet Management Weekly