eDriving℠ – the largest provider of online driver training and global driver safety management solutions, has unveiled One More Second®, a new, comprehensive course to train, educate, and motivate new and experienced drivers to adopt safer behaviors behind the wheel.

Taking aim at the fact that more than 90 per cent of all road incidents are caused by driver actions and behaviors rather than lack of knowledge, eDriving is focused on putting drivers in better control of their decisions behind the wheel, and providing compelling reasons to modify their behaviors.

One More Second will initially serve the professional (fleet) audience in the following situations: orientation training for new hires, refresher training for experienced drivers, and targeted training for high-risk drivers. This innovative course reinforces the core principles of defensive driving – anticipating other drivers’ actions, identifying threats before they become problems, and avoiding risky behavior behind the wheel that leads to distracted driving. Most importantly, One More Second imparts to drivers the need for authentic attitude and behavior change.

“Drivers have more distractions than ever – whether driving for work, for family events, or as a professional driver,” explained Celia Stokes, CEO of eDriving.  “One More Second helps drivers of all types rethink the common hazardous attitudes and behaviors that most have adopted – often without knowing how risky they are. Our program trains and re-trains drivers to become SMART drivers: that is, drivers who use constant Scanning, are Mindful of road rules and their emotions, are fully Accountable for the choices they make behind the wheel, are instantly Responsive to what is happening around them or what could happen in a split second, and, most importantly, are Tuned in constantly.”

Designed by online learning experts, the two-hour One More Second course provides companies and organizations with flexible and highly interactive content that appeals to multiple learning styles to ensure drivers remain fully engaged. Interactive exercises include full-motion video “journeys” that help drivers explore the types of hazards they are likely to encounter in city, highway, and urban settings. Hazard identification scanning exercises in full-motion video help drivers practice spotting threats before they become unavoidable dangers. The course also includes knowledge checks and learning checklists along the way to ensure that “safety critical” information is understood, reinforced, and retained.

“It starts with awareness,” noted Ed Dubens, EVP and General Manager, eDriving FLEET.  “Certainly, all drivers are going to experience frustration, impatience, lack of focus, and even occasional anger while driving. The goal is to equip drivers with tools to manage their emotions, challenges, and choices before they lead to destructive actions. Even the course name underscores our focus on activating meaningful awareness that motivates lasting behavioral change – adding one more second to a driver’s standard following distance literally reduces the chance of collision by up to two thirds.”

eDriving is uniquely positioned to offer the One More Second course, having trained more than one million fleet drivers with its flagship platform, Virtual Risk Manager®, a platform and product portfolio that has earned more than 70 awards of excellence and has set the gold standard in global driver risk management and training.

“We’ve long been thrilled to offer services along these lines to our major fleet clients,” Stokes added. “One More Second enables us to further expand our offerings to these clients as well as to meet the expressed demand of Fortune 1000 and mid-to smaller businesses seeking a compelling online defensive driving offering that combines truly engaging content and interactivity with best-in-class driver training.”

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