Nestlé wins the Fleet Europe International Fleet Safety Award 2013

Nestlé received recognition in three awards at the ceremony, held recently in Prague:

  • International Fleet Safety Award – Winner.
  • International Fleet Manager of the Year – Second.
  • International Green Award – Third.

Andrzej Sacha, Nestlé’s Global Fleet Solutions Manager, received the 2013 International Fleet Safety Award for the global integration of safety in the company’s fleet management strategy. The Award was presented by Sinisa Andjelic, European Fleet & Remarketing Manager at Hyundai Motor Europe.

Nestle Award

The International Fleet Safety Award was handed out for the sixth time, recognising a company that has successfully implemented a safety project for its fleet within the framework of its CSR strategy. It rewards a project that focuses on original tools and programmes to improve the safety of its drivers, whilst taking into account TCO optimisation.

Thanks to a global strategy for safety which takes into account local specificities when implemented, Nestlé received the International Fleet Safety Award 2013. Asked whether safety was a high priority for Nestlé, Andrzej Sacha said: ‘Safety is incredibly important at Nestlé and is talked of at board level’. He continued: ‘The award is recognition of the effort that is being put into Fleet Management by the many people associated with it. A BIG thanks to them all, including our global partners at Zurich and Interactive Driving Systems’.

Paul Sudell, Nestlé’s Global Account Manager at Interactive Driving Systems said: ‘It’s great that Nestlé has received recognition for the scope and breadth of its driver safety programs, which now stretch to 13,000+ drivers in upwards of 50 countries. These awards provide deserved recognition for all the dedicated Nestlé employees and managers working to create a ‘crash free culture’. Sudell continued: ‘Such awards also assist Nestlé to continue rolling its programs out over the coming years across further regions, and other areas of its supply chain including contractors, family members and members of the local communities in which it operates.’

‘Winning the International Fleet Safety Award for 2013 is a fantastic achievement for Andy and everyone in his team, and is a reflection of the high priority given to safe driving throughout the Nestlé business. Andy also received recognition in the International Fleet Manager of the Year and International Green Award categories, demonstrating Nestlé’s commitment to operate an effective, safe and environmentally sensitive fleet. These well-deserved achievements are a result of the dedication of everyone at Nestlé and it is great to see them recognised on the international stage. I know Andy is extremely proud of these awards which will undoubtedly only serve to increase the levels of commitment and determination of everyone at Nestlé to continue on their greener and safer fleet journey’, commented Nick List Zurich Risk Engineering’s Nestlé Global Customer Manager.

For the seventh year, the Fleet Europe Awards 2013 represent the highest opportunity for the finest international fleet professionals to get the recognition their achievements deserve for bringing new solutions and management improvement to the market and to their company throughout Europe.