Paul Atchley, Ph.D.

Advisor, Distracted Driving

Paul Atchley

Paul Atchley is eDriving’s award-winning Brain Scientist Advisor. He has been helping us understand exactly what distractions do to our brains while we are driving.

Paul has been conducting research and teaching about cognitive factors related to driving for over 25 years. As a Professor of Psychology, he specializes in research on the real-world implications of multitasking, with over 20 years of experience in the classroom and the laboratory and an impressive 60+ publications on cognitive processes.

Over the last decade, Paul has become a highly respected, publicly recognized industry expert. His work efforts to reduce distracted driving has been highlighted by national and international press such as NPR and the New York Times. Want to learn more about Paul and our Distracted Driving partnership? Come back and check us out on Facebook, together we will unravel the 7 Stages of Denial that drivers can experience.