Driver Risk Management Leader, eDriving, Announces Availability of Integrated Driver Behavior Improvement Program for Geotab Customers

  • Mentor TSP integrates eDriving’s unique FICO® Safe Driving Score, behavior insights, manager coaching, eLearning, license checking and Driver Event Reporting (DER) into existing Geotab telematics programs.
  • The holistic program provides a powerful performance management solution to help organizations establish safety as a strategic imperative.

Cape May, New Jersey – July 27, 2020 – eDrivingSM, a global provider of driver risk management programs, today announced the availability of Mentor TSP on the Geotab Marketplace, a go-to source for organizations seeking to better manage their fleets. Introduced at Geotab Connect 2020, Mentor TSP (Telematics Service Partner) connects a customer’s existing Geotab fleet management solution with eDriving’s patented driver risk management platform, Virtual Risk Manager®, to help reduce incidents, collisions, MVR license violations, and total cost of fleet ownership.

A derivative of Mentor by eDrivingSM, which is currently used by organizations around the world to help improve at-work driver behavior, Mentor TSP uses sensors in iOS and Android smartphones to collect and analyze data on the driving behaviors most predictive of risk. These include acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding, and phone distraction, one of the biggest threats to road safety today.

Through eDriving’s partnership with industry analytics leader FICO®, driver on-road performance is converted into an individual FICO® Safe Driving Score, which has been validated to help predict the likelihood of a driver being involved in a collision. Personalized insights are provided privately to drivers after each trip, showing both positive and negative driving events and exactly where they occurred. Additionally, engaging, interactive micro-training modules are delivered directly to the driver in-app to help promptly remediate identified risky behaviors.

Mentor TSP for Geotab customers combines a driver’s FICO® Safe Driving Score with their collision history, license violation history and data insights processed by Geotab, including seat belt usage, idling, reversing and fuel efficiency, in one performance management solution for enhanced risk reduction and claims management opportunities. Mentor TSP’s comprehensive offering also includes manager coaching, eLearning, license checking and Driver Event Reporting (DER) tools. This combined solution can provide Geotab customers with a suite of tools to help not only support their focus on safety as a strategic imperative, but also support drivers and managers as they strive to create a crash-free culture®.

“Mentor TSP complements the Geotab fleet management solution by combining driver behaviors from both Mentor TSP and Geotab into one unique risk management approach,” said Ed Dubens, Founder & CEO of eDriving. “To the wide range of fleet efficiency and productivity insights collected by hard-wired and OBDII telematics devices, Mentor TSP adds driver behavior metrics proven to be the most predictive of collision risk. When these rich data sets are further combined with incidents, collisions, and MVR violations, the result is a complete view of driver and vehicle health and safety. This powerful offering aids fleet operators in coaching employees who are driving for work purposes to help reduce crashes, license violations and injuries as well as total cost of fleet ownership.”

Geotab, the world’s leading connected vehicle company for smart city solutions and fleets, offers an extensive ecosystem of valuable, business-focused applications and add-ons via the Geotab Marketplace which helps provide businesses with the tools needed to better manage their fleets. With the addition of Mentor TSP to the Geotab Marketplace, Geotab customers worldwide will have access to a solution that enables businesses to better analyze and manage driver behavior to help prevent potential injuries or accidents.

“The Geotab Marketplace provides a broad ecosystem of partners and applications that is continuously growing to meet the needs of the 40,000 businesses leveraging the Geotab solution worldwide,” said Louis De Jong, Executive Vice President at Geotab. “With safety as a key area of focus for Geotab, we are proud to offer solutions like Mentor TSP that provide our customers with greater insights into their fleet and driver safety initiatives.”

Mentor TSP for Geotab is currently available on the Geotab Marketplace at:

About eDriving

eDrivingSM helps organizations to reduce collisions, injuries, license violations and total cost of fleet ownership through its patented driver risk management program.

Mentor by eDriving and Mentor TSP are smartphone-based solutions that collect and analyze driver behaviors most predictive of crash risk and help remediate risky behavior by providing engaging, interactive micro-training modules delivered directly to the driver in the smartphone app. As part of its broader risk management platform, Virtual Risk Manager®, eDriving provides organizations with everything they need to establish safety as a strategic imperative, and support drivers and managers as they strive to create a crash-free culture®.

eDriving is the driver risk management partner of choice for many of the world’s largest organizations, supporting over 1,000,000 drivers in 96 countries. Over the past 24 years, eDriving’s research-validated programs have been recognized with over 90 awards around the world.

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