News Launches DriversEd Espanol: Industry Leader Addresses Needs of Hispanic California Teens ( the nation’s leader in online drivers education has added a Spanish language version of their signature course for the state of California. The Español course provides teens seeking their first license in the state of California a DMV recognized certificate-of completion of drivers education. “We recognize that Hispanic youth are the fastest growing segment of the teen population in California,” says founder Gary Tsifrin. “As licensing requirements for teen drivers have become tougher and high schools have unilaterally cut back on drivers education courses, the Español course is designed to appeal to a percentage o Hispanic teens who are more comfortable learning in Spanish.” The Spanish language course like the English language course is designed to help students become safe, confident and defensive drivers. Teens can take the course on their own computer at their own pace. The curriculum uses interactive video and animations about real on-the-road scenarios to make learning easy. New drivers can prepare for the written test by taking up to 50 online practice tests and can re-take the final test until they pass. is in the process of creating a Spanish language course for every state and is set to launch the Español course for the state of Texas in the fall. “Our mandate is to eventually have a fully integrated bilingual website that will service predominantly bilingual and bicultural Hispanic teens,” says Tsifrin. was the first to bring drivers education online with the course for the state of California in 2003. Since that time, the course has had over a million users: “click” enroll in, “learn” do your drivers ed, “drive” get behind-the-wheel. In addition to California, the English language course is available to first time drivers in Nevada, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida.