eDriving Debuts New Fleet Products at First Customer Industry Benchmarking Meeting Since eDriving Acquisitions

London, UK – Tuesday, 3 May April 2016 – eDriving, the largest provider of online driver training and global driver safety management solutions, hosted its Virtual Risk Manager® (VRM) Fleet Benchmarking Forum. This week’s event marked the official debut of the newly formed eDriving FLEET(SM) brand, formed following the recent acquisition of Interactive Driving Systems (IDS) by eDriving.

The forum featured invitation-only discussions with some of the world’s foremost experts and stakeholders on a range of key aims and topics surrounding work-related road safety. According to the Occupational Road Safety Alliance (ORSA), it is estimated that between one-quarter and one-third of reported road casualties occur in road accidents involving someone who was driving, riding or otherwise using the road for work purposes.

Merger Momentum

The eDriving enterprise, which supports more than 700,000 fleet drivers registered on Virtual Risk Manager (VRM) in 97 countries, using courses in 45 languages, is emerging as the only company providing a full suite of driver training solutions on a global scale. This includes a forthcoming closed-loop solution combining telematics, incident history, driver records, interactive contextual online content, and virtual coaching services with licensed instructors to improve driving behavior and lower risk.

In updating attendees on momentum around the eDriving/IDS merger, CEO Celia Stokes stated, “We knew our combined mission of providing best-in-class solutions was both compatible and promising, but the level of progress we’re making right out of the gate with eDriving FLEET as our newly evolved brand in the fleet space is exceeding all expectations and uniquely positions us for continued success and global growth.”

“We’re especially proud of the milestone this year’s conference represents. Our exciting future was reflected both in the content we presented to our clients and the positive feedback and enthusiasm surrounding our go-forward plans and innovative product development strategy,” added Ed Dubens, EVP of eDriving FLEET.

Product Pipeline

During the forum, eDriving FLEET revealed a key piece of its product development strategy by demonstrating the prototype of edriving’s closed-loop telematics-enabled driver training platform, which it announced is expected to launch later this year.

This mobile-based virtual coaching product offers a compelling choice for corporations, contract drivers, insurance companies, consumers and even other telematics service providers, who are interested in measuring behaviors behind the wheel and changing those behaviors through the closed-loop measure-mitigate-compare-remeasure loop.

Keynotes & Client Case Studies

This year’s forum, the 11th time the company has held an event dedicated to benchmarking, was attended in even larger numbers than previous years by a prestigious list of clients and partners including Pfizer, Royal Mail, Siemens, Merck Sharp and Dohme, (MSD), Zurich, Nestlé, Tfl, Institute of Advanced Motorists, Alliance Healthcare, Iron Mountain, and GlaxoSmithKline, due to the high levels of interest and excitement in eDriving and its newly formed FLEET division and the resources it brings to the road safety space.

Hosted by eDriving FLEET partner, Zurich Risk Engineering, at their new London offices, the event included keynote addresses by Andy Bradley, Head of Group Risk for Nestlé and also Chairman, Global Road Safety Partnership and Glen Davies, Programme Manager, Freight & Fleet, of Transport for London. Both TfL and Nestlé have long-term, sustained and multi-award winning road safety programs based on Virtual Risk Manager, which have supported their collision reduction, cost, compliance, and corporate social responsibility objectives. Mr. Bradley talked about Nestlé’s successful approach across the many countries in which it operates dependent on a combination of management commitment, driver buy-in and proactive follow-up wrapped around the VRM program.

Dave Wallington, Group Safety Advisor for BT, which operates one of the largest motor fleets in Europe, commented, “Our 12-plus year partnership with Virtual Risk Manager has to date engaged more than 100,000 drivers, being the ‘glue’ behind the processes that have helped us cut our collision rate from 59 per thousand vehicles to 27 and reduced our annual vehicle damage costs from £25 / $40 / €29 to £10 / $16 / €12 million. In addition to the significant reductions in injuries to our employees, our driver safety program has also generated a Ph.D, two master’s degrees and more than 10 research papers and has significantly enhanced our brand and reputation. As a result, we are consulted on road safety matters by many other organisations and government agencies across the world.” BT has also worked closely with the VRM team to pioneer the first E-Consent process for DVLA license check consent in the UK, another eDriving FLEET innovation that was discussed on the day and provides many benefits to fleet operators and their drivers. Additional details, client testimonials and case studies can be found online.

Fleet Safety Benchmarking

For a more detailed review of the benchmarking data described, or to understand more about the potential of eDriving FLEET Virtual Risk Manager and other offerings, contact eDriving FLEET EVP Ed Dubens at or visit

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eDriving is the largest provider of online driver training and global driver risk management with 1 million annual consumer customers and over 700,000 fleet drivers worldwide. In addition to state-regulated online novice driver training (a.k.a. driver’s permit and driver education) and driver improvement (a.k.a. traffic school), our focus is on helping drivers become smarter and safer behind the wheel in partnership with corporate (fleet) and insurance partners. We are uniquely positioned to deliver engaging e-learning content creation, telematics-based mobile apps, and a full range of solutions that help remediate driving behavior to improve safety, get employee drivers home safely and reduce insurance costs. Our mission is to maximize road safety by putting both new and experienced drivers in better control of the right driving behaviors.

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