I Drive Safely Introduces Online Defensive Driving Courses

I Drive Safely brings traffic school into the 21st century. It wasn’t that long ago that a defensive driving course meant that drivers were forced to sit in uncomfortable chairs in stuffy classrooms for hours on a Saturday. But thanks to I Drive Safely’s traffic courses, people can fulfill all court requirements for ticket dismissal without ever stepping foot inside a classroom.

Simple Course
All courses are made as easy as state regulations allow. The course material is divided up into several small easy to read chapters. If you want to have the course read to you, you can select the audio read along feature. Also included are cool videos and animations that help drivers understand the most important concepts in the course. This helps you remember the important defensive driving material, and it also makes passing the quizzes in the course a snap.

Certified by the Court
The I Drive Safely defensive driving courses are all fully certified and accepted by the court. That means that the courses meet all state standards and can be used to dismiss tickets and help preserve low insurance rates.

Fast Delivery
I Drive Safely knows that some drivers need to get the certificate of completion for the online traffic school delivered in a hurry. That’s why they process certificates the same day the course was completed. For people who want to get the certificate fast, they offer several delivery options, allowing the certificate to be delivered as early as the following morning.

Driver’s Education
Traffic school online is only the start of what I Drive Safely offers. Anyone who is a teen who wants to get his or her driver’s permit or license or an adult who wants driver’s education to renew a license can benefit from our instructional courses designed to help you study for the exam. They even help mature drivers who wish to take state tests that allow them lower insurance rates. All of the driver instruction courses are specially designed to help drivers pass the tests on the first attempt.