I DRIVE SAFELY Launches New Texas Online Video Defensive Driving Course

With its new streaming online video, I DRIVE SAFELY has made taking a defensive driving course as easy as going to the movies.

Dismissing a traffic ticket in Texas has never been easier, or more fun. I DRIVE SAFELY, the nationwide leader in online defensive driving courses, have just raised the bar with the release of its defensive driving course in streaming video format.

With its exceptional selection of online courses, I DRIVE SAFELY has eliminated the need to devote a weekend to a classroom. Now students can pop some popcorn and tune into their defensive driving course from the comfort of their own homes. Watching rather than reading allows Texas defensive driving students to learn at a comfortable pace.

No more reading through small type on a screen or manually clicking through page after page of lessons – this state-of-the-art streaming course brings defensive driving to life. The entertaining video seamlessly guides students from one topic to the next, just like they’re watching a movie.

In this increasingly mobile and multimedia culture, relaxing at home with your laptop or tablet and watching a video course is much more appealing than sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture,

says Rick Hernandez, managing partner of I DRIVE SAFELY.

Our customers deserve the most convenient, engaging online courses, and our new streaming video makes it that much easier to fit defensive driving lessons into their busy lives.

Taking a defensive driving course is the easiest solution for most drivers to dismiss a ticket or remove points from their driving record. I DRIVE SAFELY recognizes that no one wants to dedicate their precious free time to an all-day course inside a classroom. Therefore, the streaming video course was developed to allow students to log in or out again and again, using any Internet connection. They can watch and learn whenever and wherever they choose.

By eliminating the need to read through text on a screen, I DRIVE SAFELY’s video course is actually faster and more efficient than previous online courses. Students will remember the information better and meet their court requirements quicker.

With the release of its new video course, I DRIVE SAFELY hopes to make online defensive driving and traffic school even more useful and helpful to students across the country.


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