A Greener Fleet: Why Defensive Driving Makes Sense for Safety AND Sustainability

Would you like a safer, more eco-friendly fleet?

Safety and sustainability are primary concerns for businesses today. And, with driving for work being the most dangerous work activity many people do, and transportation being the main cause of air pollution in cities, the relationship between driver risk management and sustainability is one that should not be underestimated.

The great news is that influencing safer, more defensive, driving behaviors also helps your organization achieve its sustainability goals. In this webinar session, eDriving’s Chief Insurance & Risk Officer, Jim Noble, and Director of eDriving University, Denise Murroni, are joined by former Nestlé executive and Risk Management expert, Andy Bradley, to discuss the driving techniques that not only reduce crash risk but environmental impact, as well. You’ll also hear how travel choices affect both safety and sustainability, and the significance of vehicle selection, fuel, and maintenance.

You will learn:

  • Why safe driving IS eco-driving
  • The importance of trip planning, route optimization and smart scheduling
  • The significance of the vehicle lifecycle, maintenance, and inspections
  • How to encourage safer, more sustainable driving behaviors
  • How driving data gleaned through telematics can support safety and sustainability goals