Cracking the Code on Privacy Concerns in Driver Risk Management

Today, data security and privacy compliance are among the most important considerations for practically every business. For that reason, when introducing or adapting driver risk management solutions, data security and privacy compliance are critical components of the assessment and planning phase.

As eDriving clients have implemented our digital driver risk management program, Mentor by eDriving, in locations around the world, we’ve identified the most prevalent concerns across countries and regions, and how to best help organizations address such concerns.

In this webinar, Stef Campbell, eDriving’s Director, GDPR/Privacy and Compliance, and Jim Noble, Senior Vice President, Risk Engineering, discuss some commonly expressed privacy concerns, including data protection compliance, the way in which Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is stored and shared, data control, ownership & access, privacy rights of the driver, and the sharing of location/GPS information.

Watch this webinar to discover:  

  • The most prevalent corporate privacy challenges
  • How a driver risk management program helps to address duty of care and global “Vision Zero” objectives
  • Country-specific data protection legislation (including GDPR/CCPA/PIPEDA/LGPD)
  • The benefits of addressing privacy concerns early in the planning stage
  • How eDriving can help with approval, onboarding and implementation