Crash. Detect. Settle: Digitising the motor claims journey

Due to increased technology within vehicles and the subsequent need for a more specialized skill set, the average motor claims cost in the UK has risen from £1,387 in 2013 to £2,485 last year. In addition to rising costs, motor insurers face other challenges, such as inconsistent incident and damage reporting, too many touch points along the claims journey, and rising customer expectations.

In this webinar, eDriving’s own Andrew Barratclough, VP of Partnerships and Director of Global Insurance, joined the I Love Claims team to dive deeper into the issues that are currently facing the motor insurance industry. Andrew shares how Mentor by eDriving bridges the digital divide between driver, manufacturer, insurer, and repairer, significantly decreasing the likelihood of a crash, and speeding the processing for any collisions that do occur. By combining the two functions in a single platform, Solera is taking both a prevention and cure approach to rising claims inflation. This not only saves money, but improves the customer experience.

Watch the recorded video to learn more!