Field Service Digital Summit: Take Your Telematics Solution Further

Hard-wired and OBDII telematics solutions collect a wide range of fleet efficiency and productivity information, but safety metrics are typically limited to acceleration, braking, cornering and speeding information associated with the vehicle, not the specific driver.

In this webinar Jim Noble, eDriving’s Senior VP of Risk Engineering, will uncover the potential benefits of smartphone-based telematics that can not only enhance traditional telematics technology with the addition of driver-specific data (including distraction), but also integrate multiple data sources into one performance management system to create a holistic driver risk profile and help field service fleet managers guide their drivers towards safer behaviors. The outcome? Improved safety, increased efficiencies, the transformation of team culture and ultimately a positive effect on customer experience and operations.

What you’ll learn:

  • How far telematics have come
  • Limitations of hard-wired and OBDII telematics solutions
  • How the latest, smartphone-based telematics can transform team culture, safety and operations
  • Why technology that measures driver behavior matters
  • The results of Ecolab’s ‘Vision Zero’ mission incorporating Mentor by eDriving’s smartphone technology and a crash-free culture®