Maximizing Driver Safety WITHOUT Compromising Driver Privacy

Today, data security and privacy compliance are among the most important considerations for practically every business, and are certainly topics at the forefront when introducing or adapting driver risk management solutions. As eDriving clients have implemented our digital driver risk management solutions around the world, we’ve amassed significant expertise to help organizations understand and address such concerns throughout approval, onboarding and implementation of safety programs.

In this webinar sponsored by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS), Stef Campbell, eDriving’s SVP Privacy, Compliance and Analytics, teaches you how to navigate the complicated path to a successful driver safety program without sacrificing driver privacy. Stef will walk you from the global 50,000-foot view of privacy and safety laws down to what you need to focus on in your own organization and for each individual driver. You will learn driver privacy laws and successfully balance legal obligations and individuals’ privacy.

Watch this webinar to discover:

  • Why tending to driver privacy is not optional!
  • The 50,000 ft. view of privacy & safety laws
  • Key privacy terms, definitions, and laws
  • How to balance safety with privacy considerations
  • Why privacy law is one piece of a giant puzzle
  • How eDriving can help with approval, onboarding and implementation