Refocusing on Distracted Driving, the Biggest Contributor to Road Safety “Triple Threat”

It’s been a tough year to keep your focus. But, in the shadow of the pandemic, traffic fatality rates have been increasing, despite fewer people on the road and fewer miles traveled. Why? Many reasons, including the “Triple Threat” to driver safety – Distraction + Speeding + Fatigue – as we emerge from the COVID-imposed driving hiatus. It’s time to refocus on the biggest threats to road safety, starting with a spotlight webinar on distraction during Distracted Driving Awareness Month, presented by eDriving in conjunction with the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS).

Watch this webinar, presented by eDriving’s Senior Vice President of Risk Engineering, Jim Noble, whose 40+ years in transportation encompass fleet operations management, logistics management, advocacy, driver safety and global risk management, along with eDriving’s Brain Science Advisor, Dr. Paul Atchley, Ph.D., who has been conducting research and teaching about cognitive factors related to driving for over 25 years. Noble and Atchley share the latest data on distracted driving and other high-risk behaviors, and how the lasting effects of the pandemic are influencing the “Triple Threat” of distraction, speeding and fatigue. They dive deep into the effects of distraction on drivers’ critical decision-making processes, explain exactly how these “Triple Threat” behaviors are interrelated, and discuss why losing sight of the dangers of distracted driving in the workplace could prove a costly mistake.

You will learn:

  • The shocking stats we are seeing as we emerge from COVID-19 – what do they mean to you and your drivers?
  • Where does your mind wander when you drive?
  • How “Triple Threat” behaviors are interrelated
  • How workplace pressures can influence distraction, speeding and fatigue
  • Proven techniques to manage “Triple Threat” behaviors, including distraction