Nestle US Transportation Group WINS Stage 1 of the Global Workplace Award

Congratulations to the Nestle US Transportation Group for winning Stage 1 of the Nestle Global Workplace Award competition based on its Interactive Driving Systems®: Eco-Driving Module – chosen by the US market judging panel.

Eco-Driving Main Menu graphic

In the second stage, a global corporate jury selects the three best market projects. Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies will be awarded to the best programs during October 2009.

Overall, the objective of the awards are:

  • To foster the great safety culture in Nestle, adding more intensity to our faith in our company values and to our belief that the human element is always the most valuable asset we have.
  • To help sharing the good practices inside the company, so that we improve rapidly our safety performance and we become the leaders of our industry in the next couple of years.

Ed Dubens, Interactive Driving Systems® CEO, said: ‘Many congratulations to the US Transportation Team, the effort and commitment put in by Managers and Drivers alike to create this program was incredible. Every terminal Manager presented a technology to camera while a team of drivers held a group discussion on defensive driving best practice for maximizing miles per gallon used while minimizing the effect on the planet. Fantastic’.