Commercial Carrier Journal highlights Mentor’s ability to turn the smartphone from a culprit in risky driving to the cure.

In a feature story about eDriving, Commercial Carrier Journal’s Senior Editor Aaron Huff explores how Mentor, eDriving’s smartphone-based telematics app, uses a closed-loop approach to help fleets dramatically improve driving behavior to reduce crash risk. Read the full story here.

About eDriving

eDriving is the largest provider of online driver training and global driver risk management with more than 10 million U.S. consumer customers to date and over one million fleet drivers served annually worldwide. In addition to providing state-regulated online novice driver training and online driver improvement courses (a.k.a. traffic school), its focus is on helping drivers become smarter and safer behind the wheel in close partnership with corporations, fleet services, and insurance companies. The FLEET division provides the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of driver risk reduction programs validated by large-scale research studies, refined by decades of experience with some of the world’s largest blue-chip corporations, and backed by 40 case studies, 60 published research papers and over 70 global safety awards. eDriving’s mission is to address the 94% of collisions and incidents caused by driver attitude and behavior through the use of technology and online learning expertise. We empower smarter, more reliable, more deliberate drivers.