Professional Coaching

Taking defensive driving from theory to reality

Ongoing leadership, management and coaching is extremely important in helping drivers improve their safety performance behind the wheel, reinforcing an employer’s commitment to creating a crash-free culture® and helping to ensure their drivers return home to their loved ones at the end of each day. It is particularly critical following a collision, injury or license violation to help drivers understand what they could have done differently to avoid the event from re-occurring. Yet driver-managers who feel perfectly qualified to provide feedback for their team members on their sales, service, or delivery performance often don’t feel qualified to coach them through these difficult situations.

This is where eDriving’s Professional Coaching (ProCOACH) can help both drivers and their managers. OneToOne® after-action learning sessions between an eDriving ProCOACH and the driver help the driver understand where their ‘driving plan’ broke down, regardless of fault.

Here’s how it works

  1. eDrivingSM receives the Driver Event Report (DER) from either MentorSM directly, the Accident Management Company or the Insurer.
  2. eDriving sends a detailed questionnaire to the driver to complete and return, and a OneToOne session is scheduled with an eDriving ProCOACH.
  3. The ProCOACH conducts a 15- to 30-minute conversation with the driver built around “open questions” that help the driver to diagnose what they could have done differently to avoid the event happening in the first place. The goal is to have the driver identify and learn there is almost always something they could have done to help prevent a crash even if the other driver was at fault.
  4. The ProCOACH summarizes the discussion, along with the coaching outcomes and tips that were agreed upon, and sends the report to the driver’s manager to review the learning outcomes and reinforce their desire to keep the driver safe while driving for work purposes.

eDriving has had great success creating ‘Aha’ moments for drivers when they realize they can control their driving environment more than they have been. One global client credited eDriving’s post-collision coaching program with reducing their collision rate by 37% in 12 months!

eDriving’s professional driving coaches can also help create ‘Aha’ insights not only after collisions, but also with drivers whose FICO® Safe Driving Scores consistently fall below the 710 Average score validated benchmark. The combination of a ProCOACH and a driver-manager working together to solve the 94% problem is just what is needed to help drivers remain incident-, collision-, injury- and license violation-free.

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