Professional Coaching

Taking defensive driving from theory to reality

Ongoing coaching is critical to helping drivers improve their performance behind the wheel; however, never more critical than following a collision. Yet, driver-managers who feel perfectly qualified to provide feedback re their team members’ sales, service, or delivery performance often don’t feel qualified to coach them through these difficult situations.

That’s where eDriving’s Professional Post-Collision Coaching can help!

Here’s how it works

  1. eDriving receives the First Notice of Loss (FNOL) from eDriving’s CrashCOUNT or from the customer’s system.
  2. Based on a set of guidelines developed with the customer, eDriving determines if the incident is coachable or not.
  3. The coach conducts a 15 to 30 minute conversation with the driver. This guided conversation leads the driver to the conclusion that there are defensive driving techniques that can almost always prevent a crash even if the other driver is at fault.
  4. The coach summarizes the interview for the driver-manager’s use as part of a future driver safety performance review.

eDriving’s Professional Coaching program has had great success creating ‘Aha’ moments for drivers when they realize they can control their driving environment more than they have been. More than 98% of all coached drivers report learning valuable driver safety techniques from their Coach. One global client credited eDriving’s post-collision coaching with reducing their collision rate by a whopping 37%!

eDriving’s professional driving coaches can also help create ‘Aha’ insights not only after collisions, but also with drivers whose FICO® Safe Driving Scores consistently fall below acceptable levels (recommended threshold of 710 at the low end of the “Good” range). Our coaches help drivers realize that the behaviors leading to their low scores put their family, other drivers, and most importantly, themselves at great risk, and they provide drivers with tangible guidance how to change their behavior to avoid these risks.

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