Awake at The Wheel

Why Lack of Sleep is not a Badge of Honor but a License to Kill

Driver fatigue is a factor in around one in 10 crashes serious enough to be reported to the police1. Fatigue has been declared a hidden but deadly epidemic2, yet an estimated 83.6 million people in the U.S. alone drive drowsy every day3.

In this white paper, co-authored by eDriving and Behavioral Sleep Medicine Specialist, Dr. Shelby Harris, you’ll learn:

  • The key features of a successful fatigue risk management program
  • How to educate and communicate with employees
  • Fatigue risk factors and sleep disorders
  • How trip scheduling and route planning can help minimize fatigue risks
  • How telematics data can help managers identify fatigue warning signs
And more…

Download today! This eye-opening read will impact you as a manager and driver, and transform your attitude and behavior regarding this critical, oft-overlooked topic.


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2National Safety Council
3Governors Highway Safety Association