Building the Business Case for Driver Risk Management

Approximately one in three of all injury collisions on the road involves people driving for work purposes. Employers have a responsibility to keep those driving for work purposes and others on the road safe, by ensuring drivers are properly qualified, trained, motivated to drive safely, display the right attitudes and behaviors and feel part of a solid, organization-wide crash-free culture®.

But where do you start with building the business case for driver risk management and proposing a new program to the executive team and/or Board? In this webinar, Jim Noble, Senior Vice President of Risk Engineering with eDrivingSM and Andrew Bradley, Risk Management expert and former Nestlé executive, take you through a series of simple steps to achieve a company-wide commitment to the management of driver risk, including a look at how Nestlé cut its claims frequency by more than half and reduced its average claims cost per vehicle by a staggering 76% over 14 years.

Learn about:

  • How to calculate the direct and indirect cost of workplace crashes to your business
  • Employer responsibilities for managing driver safety
  • Nestle’s incredibly successful experience of introducing and managing a driver risk management program
  • How to secure leadership commitment
  • How to address privacy, implementation, and other concerns from internal departments