‘Closed-Loop’ Telematics-Based Strategies

How Telematics and a Programmatic Approach to Changing Driver Behavior Can Reduce Collisions for Your Company

eDriving has evolved its innovative “closed-loop” risk reduction strategy for fleet drivers to now encompass telematics and microlearning technologies. This white paper will provide you with compelling research and quantifiable results from clients including BT, Nestlé, and Johnson & Johnson, along with specifics of the evolved closed-loop model, which encompasses:

  • Policy and enforcement
  • Behavior-based telematics
  • Live and virtual coaching strategies
  • Telematics and targeted microlearning for the modern, unplugged user

Learn from eDriving’s 20-year history delivering patented closed-loop solutions that have reduced collisions and total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 67% and 40%, respectively, for some of the world’s largest and safest fleets. Discover how this expertise, combined with the latest “internet of things” mindset, can significantly change what is happening with your drivers.