Creating a Crash-Free Culture: Making Driver Safety a Way of Life

To reduce driver risk, lower associated costs, and sustain risk reduction, driver safety must become “a way of life” – part of an organization’s conversations, activities, meetings, performance reviews, annual conferences, and other events.

In this webinar, Jim Noble, eDriving’s Vice President, Risk Engineering, will explain how to reduce driver risk by creating a safety performance environment.

You will learn how to establish a crash-free culture® by:
  • Defining and communicating safety as a strategic performance imperative
  • Establishing a holistic picture of driver risk
  • Recognizing safe driving behaviors and changing “at-risk” habits
  • Leveraging MVR, crash and telematics data to support your most “at-risk” drivers
  • Employing micro learning to provide engaging coaching and training
  • Setting goals and using analytics to measure progress