Driver Risk: Managing the New Normal

As restrictions are gradually eased around the world following the COVID-19 pandemic, your organisation will be making plans for employees to return to work. But, with the world having changed dramatically, and new health and safety considerations to address, how do you ensure the safety of employees as they go back out on the road?

In this webinar, eDriving’s Managing Director for Europe, Andy Cuerden, and Customer Success Director for Europe, Nick List, is joined by eDriving’s Global Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability Advisor, Teri Snow, to discuss the key challenges facing those who drive for work, and recommend the steps you can take to continue protecting drivers as your organisation starts to resume its activities.

The webinar will help you to:

  • Determine if employees are ready and prepared to return to work
  • Identify how the risk factors facing drivers may have changed
  • Understand and communicate the need for defensive driving
  • Implement employee protection measures, including social distancing and hygiene plans
  • Address “returning home” precautions to help keep drivers and their families safe
  • Explain how policy adjustments, training and safety standards can help you continue protecting drivers in a post COVID-19 world