Fleet Manager as Driver Coach: Honing Your Skills

Why is driver coaching so important? Because 94% of crashes are caused by driver behavior (NHTSA), and changing or evolving behavior is hard. But then why are so few organizations using coaching effectively? Join this webinar hosted by Automotive Fleet to take control of a critical — yet often undervalued — component of fleet safety.

You’ll hear eDriving’s Senior Vice President of Global Driver Risk Management, Sarah Bechtold, and Virginia Tech Transportation Institute’s Matt Camden as they share research, best practices, and a proven case study of coaching in action. You’ll also learn eDriving’s proven counseling and mentoring techniques and be exposed to tools to help managers be more effective coaches.

The takeaways are a deeper understanding of the impact coaching can have on driver attitudes and behaviors— and tools to get started immediately incorporating this critical practice into your fleet safety program.

What you’ll learn:

  • What does driver coaching entail?
  • Why is coaching necessary? What does research suggest about its importance?
  • Who should conduct driver coaching? What skills do they need?
  • When should coaching take place?
  • How should coaching be delivered? What are best practices?
  • Case Study: Coaching in Action