Hanging up on Distraction: Techniques for Changing Driver Behavior

Distracted driving has become one of the most significant dangers on the road today, and it’s also one of the biggest problems facing fleet and risk managers. In this webinar, eDriving’s Brain Scientist Advisor, Dr. Paul Atchley, helps you explore the science behind your drivers’ phone addiction and discusses the true extent of how this risky behavior impacts driver performance, other road users, and your organization’s reputation and bottom line.

Learn how to engage your drivers in confronting their bad habits and discover the techniques used by behavioral change experts to help you guide your drivers to safer behaviors, for good.

What you’ll learn:
  •  The science of distracted driving addiction
  • Why your organization cannot ignore distracted driving
  • Why policy isn’t enough: creating a crash-free culture
  • Changing behavior – why it’s so difficult
  • Techniques to guide drivers to become – and stay – distraction-free
About Paul Atchley, Ph.D.

Paul Atchley is eDriving’s award-winning Brain Scientist Advisor. Dr. Atchley has been conducting research and teaching about cognitive factors related to driving for over 25 years. As a Professor of Psychology, he specializes in research on the real-world implications of multitasking, with decades of experience in the classroom and the laboratory and an impressive 60+ publications on cognitive processes.

Dr. Atchley wears multiple hats as an academic leader, University of South Florida faculty member, brain scientist and a highly respected, publicly recognized industry expert. He addresses distracted driving from multiple perspectives and is working to communicate this expertise publicly so that it can accelerate positive change. His work efforts to reduce distracted driving have been highlighted by national and international press such as the BBC, NPR and the New York Times.