How to Get Insurance Recognition for Driver Risk Management Programs

One of the most frequently asked questions by fleet leaders is “How do I get my insurance company to recognize my driver risk management program and give me credit for our efforts?” Sure, you’re receiving quantifiable benefits in the form of reduced crash/incident costs. However, insurance is a substantial portion of your Total Cost of Risk, so it’s important to receive recognition for your program from your insurance partners, especially in today’s hardening market. This webinar panel shows you how!

The panel, hosted by Jim Noble, eDriving’s Chief Insurance and Risk Officer, features speakers representing different functions within the insurance industry. Hear from:

  • Drew Saad, VP, Product & Underwriting, Allstate Business Insurance
  • Patty Gastanaga, Practice Lead, Brown and Brown Insurance
  • Steve Gibson, Risk Control Director, Commercial Auto at Westfield Insurance.

This IS NOT a webinar about discounts. Instead, it’s a tangible discussion of how an effective driver risk management program influences insurance relationships and pricing, and how to reap such benefits!

The panel discusses:

  • Traditional fleet insurance pricing
  • What influences pricing (in addition to losses)
  • Tips for sharing your risk management story
  • How to access risk reduction tools from your insurance partner
  • The path to controlled insurance rates