Managing Distracted Driving in the New Normal

The global coronavirus pandemic has transformed life as we know it. But, in addition to the new COVID-19-related risks that drivers now face, the previous well-known risk factors such as distraction, speeding and impairment still exist, and have the potential to pose even greater threats as we shift towards a new normal. Distracted driving was already considered one of the biggest dangers to drivers, and there are many reasons why it could become even more problematic over the coming weeks and months, as more people return to the road with so much on their minds.

In this webinar, eDriving’s Brain Scientist Advisor, Dr. Paul Atchley, explains why distracted driving could be more prevalent in today’s changed world. He is joined by Jim Noble, eDriving’s Senior VP of Risk Engineering, who provides guidance to help your fleet reduce distracted driving-related collisions.

What you will learn:

  • What is distraction?
  • Why drivers might be more distracted today
  • How relationships with technology have changed in the new remote world
  • Why managing distracted driving is so important for fleets
  • How to create a company culture committed to reducing distracted driving