Managing Driver Fatigue

Fatigue significantly increases the risk of a crash. It makes drivers less alert to what is happening on the road and less able to react quickly and safely if a dangerous situation arises. When a fatigue-related collision does occur, it’s more likely to be serious.

To help your organization manage this critical driver risk factor, eDriving brought together three of its driver risk management experts from around the world. Jim Noble, Senior Vice President of Risk Engineering, is joined by Andy Cuerden, Managing Director for Europe, and Cory Fee, Vice President of Customer Success for the AMEA region, to provide an overview of fatigue, the risk factors, warning signs, and the risk management steps your organization can take to reduce driver risk.

You will learn:

  • Why sleep is so important
  • The risk factors, and signs of fatigue
  • How to effectively manage driver fatigue
  • What to include in driver policies
  • Tips for sharing with employees