Mentor Insight: Driver Risk Management Now In the Palm of Your Hand!

Introducing Mentor Insight, eDriving’s latest privacy-first driver risk management solution from the award-winning Mentor family of products. Mentor Insight identifies risky driving behavior using collision history, license violations, and our validated RoadRISK® assessment, and helps drivers develop safer behavior behind the wheel using eLearning, coaching, and gamification – and does so WITHOUT using telematics to monitor driver behavior or calculate a driver’s risk score. This easy-to-use, highly secure solution provides empowering driver risk management from the convenience of your smartphone.

We provide an overview of the program that helps many of the world’s largest organizations successfully reduce driver risk. Learn how to help your organization evolve its driver safety program to include smartphone-based risk management.

Watch this presentation to learn about Mentor Insight’s key features, including:

  • Comprehensive scoring of driver risk using RoadRISK® driver assessment, plus collision and license violation history
  • Responsive, interactive, multimedia eLearning using micro-training (< 5 minutes long), quizzes, and notifications, delivered directly to the driver in the app
  • In-app manager coaching toolkit to help managers support high-risk drivers
  • Collaborative learning/messaging/gamification environment for drivers and managers to support each other and share best practices informally
  • Personal SOS with Emergency Response Services powered by Sfara and Bosch, which triggers a voice call and emergency support, as needed, from one of Bosch’s Global Call Centers supporting 50+ countries
  • And more of the most powerful tools in driver risk management!