Roundtable: The Driver is KING

Recorded by HSE Network

The Driver is KING: How Strategic Investment in Driver Safety and Well-Being is the Springboard to Wider Fleet Success

A new reality has developed recently affecting those that drive for work purposes and their organizations. Driver shortages, COVID-19 sanitation requirements and travel restrictions, Brexit, increasing government controls, supply chain issues, increased public scrutiny towards safe driving and, of course, dramatically rising fuel costs are all adding to the burden on those driving for work purposes and fleet managers everywhere.

At the center of all these concerns is The Driver. Never before has there been so much need to focus on the driver and effectively manage that role within your organization.

In this roundtable, eDriving’s Stef Campbell, Claire Briscoe, and Nick List, lead a discussion about the critical importance of prioritizing the driver, how an investment in driver safety influences many other corporate goals, and best practice methods for demonstrating your organization’s commitment to driver safety and well-being.

3 key takeaways from this session:

  • How safety relates to other areas of business, including customer satisfaction, employee performance, sustainability, and total cost of fleet ownership
  • How to establish a company-wide crash-free culture where drivers are recognized as integral members of the organization, and how to extend the impact beyond those who drive for work purposes
  • How to prioritize driver safety and well-being – and how to demonstrate and communicate your commitment on an ongoing basis

Your hosts:

Stef Campbell, Vice President, Privacy & Compliance (Professional Services Group)

Claire Briscoe, Vice President, Channel Partnerships

Nick List, Vice President, Business Development, Europe