Staying Safe While Driving For Work Purposes

While some companies have had no or little interruption in service, others have been in complete lockdown over recent weeks. With the world having changed dramatically, and new health and safety considerations to address, what additional precautions do businesses need to take to protect those driving for work?

In this webinar, eDriving’s Senior Vice President of Risk Engineering, Jim Noble, and eDriving’s Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability Advisor, Teri Snow, CSP, discuss the key issues facing those who drive for work, and recommend the steps you can take to continue protecting drivers with COVID-conscious policies.

This webinar helps you to:

  • Determine if employees are ready and prepared to return to or continue driving for work
  • Assess and communicate drivers’ COVID-related risk exposures
  • Implement employee protection measures, including social distancing and hygiene plans
  • Communicate the importance of defensive driving in light of COVID-related distractions
  • Address “returning home” precautions to help keep drivers and their families safe