Using Big Data and Coaching to Transform Employee Behavior and Drive Customer Satisfaction

Do you make the most of the data available to you? Driver history, license violations, defensive driving knowledge, and on-road performance can tell you so much about a service fleet driver; how safe they have been in the past, how safe they are now, and how safe they are likely to be in the future. And, driver safety (namely attitudes and behaviors) plays a significant role in how your company is perceived by the customer.

In this webinar Jim Noble, eDriving’s Senior Vice President of Risk Engineering and Denise Murroni, Customer Success Manager, Training, recap on the important relationship between safety and customer satisfaction. They discuss how data can be integrated in one platform for a comprehensive overview of driver risk, and suggest tools you can use to coach employees to safer attitudes and behaviors, explaining how doing so ultimately results in more satisfied customers.

Originally recorded at Field Service Digital Summit: Technology & Process Innovation for Efficiency on September 2-3, 2020.