Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are technical requirements for eDriving FLEET products?

Hardware:  Our products will work on very modest computer systems and even next generation games consoles
Internet connectivity:  Broadband strongly recommended; dial-up acceptable, albeit with lesser performance
Adobe Flash:  Release 9.0 or later; Update to the latest Flash Player with the assistance of your IT team, or by downloading from the Adobe website

Can I be resent my login PIN?
Yes, after completing the following details your PIN will be resent. If we don’t have an email address associated with your name, your PIN will be sent to your line manager.

Please note that our Global Helpline and Support Center cannot provide your Virtual Risk Manager® Login / PIN over the telephone immediately without us first verifying your identity. Global data protection and data privacy issues prevent us from providing this support over the telephone.

Once our Global Operations Center has verified your identify and confirmed your existence in our database, a copy of your launch email will be sent to the email address we have been provided by your employer within 12 hours of your call Monday to Friday.

I cannot access the One More Second® Knowledge checks option from the One More Second® Menu.

There are three main reasons the knowledge checks cannot be accessed.

1. Make sure that there is a tick mark beside each learning module.  The knowledge checks cannot be started until after there is a tick mark beside each module:

  • Introduction.
  • What is defensive driving?
  • The Importance of Attitude and Behavior.
  • What is a Hazard?
  • A Planned System of Driving.
  • 10 Tips to Save Your Life.

2. Once the passing mark has been achieved on the knowledge checks, they cannot be re-taken. It is, however, still possible to revisit each of the training modules which contain valuable best practice information and advice.

3. The computer’s Flash plug-in is outdated. You may need to contact your own IT support team to complete this procedure, or visit for details on upgrading your Flash plug-in.

After trying to sign in, all I see is: ‘Incorrect details. Please re-enter your login details’.

Please carefully check the details used to log in, paying particular attention to type in your PIN and VRM company code exactly as described in your invitation e-mail.  Please check that you do not accidentally add any extra spaces.

Also, please double check that we have spelled your surname correctly in your invitation e-mail and notify your coordinator of necessary corrections.

After signing in, all I see is a blank page.

Please ask your IT department to update your Adobe Flash Plug-in. This process requires computer administration rights and should be performed by your own IT department. Home or advanced users may perform the upgrade by following instructions from

I am a good driver who has never been involved in a traffic incident. Why am I being asked to take this course? 

We are only able to answer questions regarding technical issues associated with the course. You should contact your manager to discuss why you have been asked to take this training course.

How do I gain access to the Management Information System (MIS)?

Access to the Management Information System (MIS) is restricted to preserve the privacy of all drivers and managers. If you feel you should have access to the MIS and do not, please contact your company coordinator.

Who can I contact at my company if I have questions about this course/training? 
Your invite e-mail contains all the relevant contact details for your company’s coordinator.

I have already taken this course. Why do I need to take it again?
If you have been asked to take the course, it is likely that you did not complete all sections of the training that are required, or that you did not successfully attain the target score for the assessed portion. You should log back into the system using the details supplied in your invitation / reminder email. You will now see the sections(s) of the training which you need to complete.

If you suspect that you have been assigned a duplicate account in error, please contact your company coordinator who will be able to confirm and resolve the situation.

I do not drive! 
Please contact your company coordinator who will make the arrangements to remove you from the system.

I am being sent reminders for members of my team who no longer work with me.
Please contact your company coordinator, who can authorize us to remove them from the system.

Some members of my team have not received their invitation emails.  How do I add drivers to the system? 
Please contact your company coordinator, who will be able to confirm the drivers’ contact details and update us with any changes.

I can only see part of the screen or half of the question. 
If a visit to an external web site has changed the default positioning of a pop up window, reposition the window by holding your left mouse button down in the bar at the top of the window.  Moving your mouse will then reposition the screen.

The window is quite small.  Is there any way to make it larger?
Clicking the ‘maximize’ button, which can be found in the upper right hand corner of the window, will switch the display to full screen mode.

How do I check if my ‘Flash Player’ is up to date?
Look at the Flash Player checker on this web page. If you see a red cross, your Adobe Flash plug-in should be updated before attempting to access the system. This process requires computer administration rights and should be performed by your own IT department.

The Log-in page does not appear. 
The most likely cause is a third party product or browser plug-in designed to prevent ‘pop-up’ advertising. If this does occur, please consult the documentation or help file for that product. Typically, it will require you to hold down the shift key while clicking on the link.