VRM Coach

Add eDriving’s Mentor telematics app to your robust VRM solution to achieve even greater control and risk mitigation:

  • Monitors and Improves driving behaviors through Mentor’s “Closed Loop Solution” which assesses the driver’s skills, provides a ubiquitous meaningful driver score, provides immediate feedback, and actively coaches driver with prescribed, contextual, and interactive learning activities.
  • Provides your fleet drivers with a personal driving coach 24/7 to help them manage their dangerous behaviors and change their habits before they get into trouble.
  • Provides immediate feedback, trip level, daily, weekly, and monthly trends / benchmark (vs. peers) reporting to drivers and fleet managers on risky behaviors, including: distracted driving (text or phone usage while driving), speeding, hard braking, excessive rapid acceleration events, and cornering.
  • Reinforces and rewards good driving skills.
  • Provides drivers with trip level views to review driving scores and events that occurred on a trip by trip basis.
  • Integrates telematics data with other driver performance data, such as license data, incidents and collision history, and engagement with coaching in the VRM data repository.
  • Monitors fleet vehicle health*, miles driven, and trip details.

Already have a telematics solution in place? Augment it with a VRM Coach on-board device. VRM is compatible with all major OBD solutions.

*Vehicle health available with an on-board device solution.