Combining Digital Transformation with Cultural Excellence to Reduce Service Team Costs and Improve Efficiency

Experience improved efficiencies while successfully reducing costs with the implementation of mobility technology and holistic driver analytics, as part of an overall culture of excellence! This eBook explains how smartphone telematics, combined with additional driver analytics in a unified platform, provide field service leaders with the insights and tools they need for a safer, more efficient team culture. The result? Reduced collisions, lower costs, improved processes and higher quality customer service!

Learn how to create a culture of excellence that is embraced by your whole organization and supported by mobile technologies to give you a real-time, comprehensive overview of your field service team’s performance, with the tools you need to more effectively drive operational and safety improvements. Included in this eBook is a case study detailing how global service giant Ecolab has used smartphone technology and implementation of a safety culture focused on excellence in its ‘Vision Zero’ mission.

What you will learn:

  • What a successful culture of driver excellence looks like
  • The data and analytics that can be provided by smartphone telematics technologies
  • How telematics data can be combined with additional driver data for holistic view of driver performance
  • How mobile technologies can help maintain employee engagement
  • The results of Ecolab’s ‘Vision Zero’ mission incorporating smartphone technology and a crash-free culture®

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