Connecting Driver Safety, Sustainability, and ESG for Maximum Impact

2023 is on track to produce the highest carbon dioxide output in history, according to International Energy Agency forecasts. Organizations are under more pressure than ever to implement and measure ESG initiatives that promote sustainable best practices. Often overlooked by ESG teams, safe driving programs can help reduce fleets’ environmental impact, while boosting social impact by reducing collisions and helping return employees home safely each day – a win-win for all!

In this webinar, Andy Bradley, eDriving’s Risk Management Guru and Former Head of Group Risk Services at Nestle, joins Greater Than’s Chief Business Officer, Johanna Forseke, to uncover how to:

  • Leverage driver safety programs to achieve global sustainability goals, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Tap into your organization’s ESG efforts (and budgets!) to fund driver risk management programs
  • Harness the power of technology and data to keep drivers safe while mitigating environmental impacts
  • Promote safer, more defensive driving behavior to help your organization achieve its sustainability AND safety goals